February 23, 2023

5 Best Fitness Apps For a Quick Workout


Over the past few years home workouts have increased, no wonder why with gyms taking such a hard hit during the pandemic. This means that more people are looking for a way to get fit at home with some sort of guidance.

Fitness apps are a great tool for the home workout, across the market you can find just about anything ranging from a heavy focus on bodyweight exercises to high quality meal plans.

But which one is best for you? Do you want a cost effective app? Do you want something that has a live trainer? Or maybe you just want something simple and easy to use.

Check out these 5 fitness apps we’ve listed below for quick workouts at home.

  1. In30

If you want an app that covers all bases when improving your overall fitness, then In30 is the one for you.

It’s a retro styled fitness app that focuses heavily on helping clients lose weight with fun exercise programs and providing yummy, low-calorie recipes to take the hassle out of trying to find healthy meals to make along the way.

Easy to navigate and integrated with social media tracking to share your progress with friends and see how they’re progressing on their journey.

Upload your photo to the app to give yourself an avatar and click straight onto the workout button to get started immediately.

  1. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App

The J&J 7-minute workout app uses a science-based approach in a high-intensity circuit training. One muscle group is recovering while the other one is being exercised.

Workouts are conducted in short 25 second intervals, with only a 5 second rest in between exercises.

Unfortunately, for anyone looking for a workout that is longer than the 7 minutes offered by J&J, you’ll need to download another app of theirs called ‘Smart Workouts’.


  1. 8Fit

8Fit is a health and nutrition platform that offers users custom meal plans and workouts including access to expert trainers and nutritionists.

The app is heavily centred around personalisation, asking you to fill out a whole heap of questions before you can begin your workout.

Cost is a big factor when finding the right app for you, 8Fit offers a monthly plan that begins at $29.99 per month, with the price dropping when you pay annually instead of monthly.


  1. OpenFit

OpenFit has a lot to offer, if you’re the right person for it. The focus here is on live classes and meal plans.

Some of OpenFit’s competitors may do live classes better or provide better meal plans, and that’s what you will pay premium prices for. OpenFit likes to throw a wider net and provide access to more things, this can hamper quality but for a lower cost you won’t be complaining.

The vibe here is a group class at the gym but from the comfort of your own home.


  1. Freeletics

The Freeletics app offers bodyweight exercise at home or outdoors, no equipment needed other than your phone.

It has an A-I algorithm that adapts to the fitness level of the user and adjusts the difficulty level based on workout results of the user. This may not be the best possible option to start with if you’re a complete beginner. The workouts begin at a higher level and progress from there, this means that you’ll be limited by your own physical endurance.